College Prospects Northeast Ohio

CPOA Cleveland

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This video above explains how not having enough colleges looking at you can affect your situation.  You need more colleges looking at you ASAP and here are some reasons why ^^^^^^^

Thumbnail1:28 Golf Scholarship recipients - Martin Laird & Luke Donald - College Prospects of Central Indiana

PGA Golf pros Martin Laird and Luke Donald made their start as 17 year old College Prospects of America clients. 

Thumbnail0:52 Ohio Volleyball Star Finds Scholarship Success

Ohio High School Volleyball Player interviews on how CPOA is helping her get noticed by colleges


Thumbnail1:03 High School Wrestling Scholarship Success

Exerpt from Fox Sports Chicago on former CPOA client who used service to get scholarship


Thumbnail1:53 College Prospects of America - A False Sense of Security

A False Sense of Security. Could this happen to you? Truth about college recruiting


Thumbnail1:27 The Dollars and Sense of Recruiting

professionals who understand college recruiting and financial aid in Indiana. College Prospects of America can lower your college costs


Thumbnail3:25 The College Recruiting "Funnel" Explained

Colleges use a recruiting "funnel" to sift through their candidates.