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Why you need video

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Using Video as a Marketing Tool

One of the most important tools in the recruiting process is videotape.  More than likely, the only way a college coach will see you play is on a videotape!  Why?  With limited resources, a college coach cannot take the time or spend the money to begin assessing your talent -- to determine if you are someone they'd like to recruit.  Coaches use video to determine ability and form, and then decide if you are someone worthy of a campus visit or a recruiting trip!

You Need A Video That A Coach Can Use

Most videos received by coaches include grainy video that includes either extreme close-ups of a specific player or wide angle shots that force the coach to search for you (and most times, don't find you!).

What Should a Video Include?

Personal highlights, game film, a personal introduction, personal information as subtitles and a highlighted athlete (with spot-shading or arrow to designate YOU!).

CPOA Offers Extensive Video Services

Our professional video editors will take your personal, skills and game footage tapes and edit them into a first class videotape. This will enhance your image and showcase your abilities. We make sure that college coaches get a video that they want and need to evaluate you for their prospective programs. This may be the most important part of the recruiting process.


Video is a coach's first true evaluation of a prospect.

We know the average college coach spends about five to seven minutes with a video.  Take, for example, three of the most common sports for video: Football, Basketball and Volleyball.  If a family has sent a full game to a coach for review, what are the chances that a coach will watch the entire first half?  How about the first five minutes of the third quarter, or the last seven minutes of the second volleyball match?  The odds are that these portions of those full-game videos will not be seen because coaches just do not have time to watch all of the tapes that they receive.

An athlete's video needs to make a strong first impression.

If our basketball player has a 'lights-out' second quarter, we need to get that in front of a coach.  If the volleyball player has a tremendous third game in her match, that game should be highlighted.  But in a full game scenario, those moments deep into the tape may never be seen. 

Our videos provide a strong first impression and versatility in a concise and orderly format that features stop action and highlight arrows, leaving no doubt who and where the athlete is on the field or court.  Since 1994, college coaches have paid us the ultimate compliment.  Many have told us our videos make their job much easier.  In the last few years, coaches have been calling our video department looking for tapes of athletes, some of whom have not been CPOA clients!  The coaches just wanted to see if we, by chance, had edited their video.  That says a lot about the work we do.